Who are we?

Who are we? Each of us on Team Potter grew up competing in a sport that many people are just now beginning to hear about: curling. It's a sport of strategy, strength, skill and camaraderie. In the fall and winter months we spend much of our time practicing and competing in bonspiels both in the USA and internationally; and in the off-season, we train and prepare ourselves for the competitive season. We are currently training for the 2014 Olympic Trials. Follow this blog to check in on our competitive season.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Less than a month!

Wow! Times flies when you're busy. Less than a month!

Don't forget to cheer on the men's and women's teams this weekend at the challenge rounds in Bismarck, ND (men) and Green Bay, WI (women).

Monday, January 19, 2009

Winni and Team

Just got back from Winnipeg last night. It was a great weekend filled with good food, good curling (2-2), an interview, and lots of driving. What a long drive! Unfortunately, I'm the only one who had to work today, so it was tough getting out of bed. I just wanted to sleep in. The weather is much warmer today at 18 degrees above. Never thought I'd say 18 was warm, but it's a big difference from last week!

So we started and ended our pre-season in Winnipeg and now we're headed to the U.S. Olympic curling trials in Broomfield, Colorado!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Midwest Regional Qualifiers

Well, we made it to Green Bay and back, going 5-0 and finishing at the top of the field last weekend! Thanks to everyone for all the support, messages, emails, and fans who were watching the results online and for all those who made the trip to the GBCC. Our team had a new experience– sharing a house while we competed– which gave us plenty of time to relax and allowed us to show off our cooking skills to each other. But nothing compared to the awesome lasagna made by Debbie! We're already compiling a grocery list for Broomfield :) Laura has the duty of dividing the foods by grocery section and having us each take a list and looking for those items on our lists. I thought I made good time until the announcement was made over the entire grocery store for "Team Potter please report to lane 5!" Who knew the dairy would be in one of the first corners of the store instead of one of the last corners? I told Laura we needed to get a map of the grocery store next time :)

We are all really excited to be going to Broomfield for the U.S. Olympic Trials. We hope to see many of our fans and supporters there. I know several are planning their vacations right now and we hope to see the rest of you via email and messages during the competition. Until then, we'll keep you updated on the MCA Bonspiel coming up this weekend!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Midwest Regional Playdowns are Finally Here!!

Hello everyone!  Tonight we're heading out for Regionals in Green Bay.  You can watch the game scoreboard through the USA curling website at www.usacurl.org/curlingrocks/
When you get to the site there is a Scoreboard link on the right side to the "Women's Midwest Qualifier" and you can see our scores from there!

Thank you all for your support!!  It's great to know you're all with us!