Who are we?

Who are we? Each of us on Team Potter grew up competing in a sport that many people are just now beginning to hear about: curling. It's a sport of strategy, strength, skill and camaraderie. In the fall and winter months we spend much of our time practicing and competing in bonspiels both in the USA and internationally; and in the off-season, we train and prepare ourselves for the competitive season. We are currently training for the 2014 Olympic Trials. Follow this blog to check in on our competitive season.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer cold

Blah! I still can't seem to shake this summer cold I have. This morning, while on the bus, I had a coughing fit where I coughed so much I brought on tears! I am pretty sure everyone on that bus moved at least another foot away from me. I felt so sorry for the lady sitting next to me because she had to endure my hacking. Oh I hate being sick! Thank goodness I had my trusty Halls in my purse, or else I'd probably still be coughing.


Laura said...

I feel your pain! I have a sinus thing now too and we had to clean out the barn this morning for more hay to come today. Sweeping one year old hay in a barn made me sneezing for hours...yuk!!

Jackie said...

I am sympathizing with both of you! Every time that I need to transport corn, my nose starts running and my head stuffs up! It is the most annoying thing. I don't know if I'm allergic to the corn or the bags that we put them in, but either way, my head does not react well to them! Have a good one, and I miss you girls!