Who are we?

Who are we? Each of us on Team Potter grew up competing in a sport that many people are just now beginning to hear about: curling. It's a sport of strategy, strength, skill and camaraderie. In the fall and winter months we spend much of our time practicing and competing in bonspiels both in the USA and internationally; and in the off-season, we train and prepare ourselves for the competitive season. We are currently training for the 2014 Olympic Trials. Follow this blog to check in on our competitive season.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday blahs

It's raining here in Minneapolis and I don't think it's going to clear up anytime soon. I haven't heard anything yet regarding funding and it's so hard to wait because lots of planning needs to be done soon. It seems everything is at a stand-still and it's only Tuesday. Do any of you have big plans for this week or weekend? I am going to a wedding up north, which should be relaxing because Cor and I are only guests at this one, and not part of the wedding party. Other than that, just trying to keep up with my workouts. It's been tougher to find time on the weekends because they are so busy for me, but I've found that if I make it a priority, I can get it done.


Jackie said...

I really wish we would hear back about the funding too. Ryan heard from one of his teammates that only 3 women's teams will be getting funding this year. It'll be interesting to see what happens!

cpotter said...

Yikes! Only 3 teams? Now I'm very curious to see who makes the cut. I'll keep my fingers crossed...