Who are we?

Who are we? Each of us on Team Potter grew up competing in a sport that many people are just now beginning to hear about: curling. It's a sport of strategy, strength, skill and camaraderie. In the fall and winter months we spend much of our time practicing and competing in bonspiels both in the USA and internationally; and in the off-season, we train and prepare ourselves for the competitive season. We are currently training for the 2014 Olympic Trials. Follow this blog to check in on our competitive season.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Packing Up and Mixed Doubles

Curling shoes? Check. Curling broom? Check. Passport? Check. Anything else we forget to pack we can buy when we get to Canada. I've been on the ice twice this week and I'm ready to go! I'm bringing my pillow for the trip, computer for work, and we could also watch some movies. Sounds like we'll have lots of homemade goodies to bring with. Yum!

Cor and I played a couple ends of mixed doubles to get the hang of the new format and for some extra practice. Watch out defending champs Jamie and Nate! The doubles team of PotterX2 is getting ready for you :) It would be fun to set up a few practices sometime so that we can learn some of the strategy involved.


Jamie said...

Watch out! This is the Defending Mixed Doubles Champs, a.k.a. Hard- to- Handle Haskells, H2H. We're ready for the challenge on our new turf! But are you ready Team P.P.?

Practice? Sure, if you're ready for the showdown!

It will be hard to upset these Happy Haskells!

Cassie said...

PotterX2 is ready for you! I hear we have a practice tonight? Better get ready! Corrie throws a mean take-out and I am ready to sweep with my slider on! hehe :)